Mi nombre es Marisombra

Adolescente perdida en miles de letras.

Things I want you to know (but won’t tell you)

That the last time that you told me I looked pretty was 6 months ago.

That I count down the days till the day you want to see me.

That I still feel butterflies in my stomach when you kiss me.

That “trust” doesn’t mean “stop trying”.

That I still keep on trying.

That I have a box full of letters that I will never give you.

That I miss you terribly even when I’m in your arms.

That I am falling apart and you’ll never notice.

That I love to ride in your car with the windows down.

That I love to cuddle with you but won’t do it because you’ll complain about the heat.

That I save my tears for my pillow because you won’t lend me your chest.

That I am desperate to see you.

That I hate to pretend that I’m not.

That you’re very cold and distant.

That I can’t melt away the ice anymore.

That you shut me out all the time.

That I’ve let you in so many times.

That I want to make love to you.

That I’ve told you all of this before but you won’t listen.

That it hurts when I tell you you don’t listen and you take it as a joke.

That I really like the feeling of you hands against my body.

That I’ve stopped telling you about my dreams

                                                     my feelings


That I wrap myself up like a burrito because your arms won’t do.

That I am really sad.

That I am really in love.

That I love you dearly, but I am falling apart.